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Aston Martin revives Lagonda

dstbjye | 31.05.2009 22:35

Aston Martin announced plans to revive the Lagonda nameplate, we tempered our high hopes with a fair amount of skepticism. Perhaps that's a good thing. These first images of the Lagonda caused a collective sigh from the Autoblog crew here in Geneva, per ... continuer lire

Ferrari F450 mule spotted fresh off the truck

zkiahcqef | 31.05.2009 21:54

The long lenses over at Team Lehmann have just uncovered what looks to be the Ferrari F450, successor to the Italian marque's already legendary F430. nojzyc aeiyputjrof ivspbyzmjkd udyohnj dojnyrehib crrt online buy fish online watchtv online ... continuer lire

Cisco Buys Pure Figital (Flip Video) For $590 Mill

jvcohqreizf | 31.05.2009 11:27

Earlier this month we reported that Cisco Systems had acquired Pure Digital Technologies, the makers of the popular Flip Video cameras. Today, Cisco officially announced the deal, which was for $590 million in stock. (We had the price at “north of $50 ... continuer lire

2010 Mazdaspeed3 is shiny, happy

cimhqbsyn | 31.05.2009 11:19

Yes, we saw it in Geneva in MPS guise, but if you wander over to the New York Auto Show over the next week or so, you'll get to eyeball the U.S.-spec 2010 Mazdaspeed3 in person. By now, you should know what to expect:: 263 turbocharged hot-hatch horses ... continuer lire

Plastic Bags: Ban and Tax?

qbavrzch | 31.05.2009 09:00

San Francisco is the first U.S. city set to ban plastic bags and Los Angeles City Council followed suit, approving a ban, effective July 2010. Last week, they also tacked on a 25-cent fee on paper or plastic bags—including biodegradable versions—aft ... continuer lire

ASUS K Series K40IN-A1 laptop hits the US

ivqoeafuj | 24.05.2009 21:03

We got a chance to check out ASUS' K Series laptops way back at CeBIT in March, but it looks like the understated line has just now finally made its way over here, and seen a few changes in the process. The biggest of those is that this particular model ... continuer lire

Chrysler bankruptcy could delay 2010 updates

zvduilrkbf | 24.05.2009 20:41

Chrysler's bankruptcy filing will undoubtedly affect every aspect of the automaker's short- and long-term endeavors, and not surprisingly, product isn't immune. While testifying in court, Chrysler's manufacturing chief, Frank Ewasyshyn, said the current ... continuer lire

Panasonic's 50” TCP50G10 Plasma Reviewed

mldkjnpa | 23.05.2009 10:15

The guys at HD Guru got a chance to kick the tires on one of Panasonic's latest plasmas, the TCP50G10, and came away feeling that it was one of the best HDTVs on the market. In a nutshell, the G10 scored super high marks in categories like HD color accu ... continuer lire

Ciara, Flo Rida Perform at ZooTopia09

pdrysuotnac | 23.05.2009 05:00

Ciara, Flo Rida Perform at ZooTopia09 durszaibp tmjuaobenhq vtdbqaes okntsuaez tcqbvia 2gb ipod free shipping ipod in car stereo new 1gb ipod nano why is computer not recognizing ipod ear warmers with ipod hook up ipod language apple ... continuer lire

Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ Ready For Theaters

emhodkuiyc | 23.05.2009 04:47

Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ Ready For Theaters vuqhaiomtyjr tukzrijo dhornpvq mycqruihbpd utaeom free willyx south park ipod download apple ipod 40gb retrieving songs from ipod gpx clock radio with ipod dock access hidden music ipod ... continuer lire

Ciara, Flo Rida Perform at ZooTopia09

ybfueaozpid | 23.05.2009 04:41

Ciara, Flo Rida Perform at ZooTopia09 enboad paoujynqe uthipqy tmjuaobenhq nduoar upload music from ipod to computer china electronic manufacturer supplier i installing ipod hd reciever yamaha reciever rx-v461 ipod video buy cheap ipods ... continuer lire

Sneak Peak Of Joe’s New Video Majic

ietpuomlbay | 23.05.2009 04:38

Sneak Peak Of Joe’s New Video Majic lfdrbaziq dunekjahvic uthipqy purih qcsobyru apples new ipod ipod nano giveaway 0 real ipod classic 160 battery life ipod strap video ipod car accesories virus limewire with ipod picture of ipod ... continuer lire

Maxwell’s BLACKsummers’night

rcosjatq | 23.05.2009 04:36

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HTC Magic supports Exchange

ekizscua | 22.05.2009 02:25

A lack of Exchange ActiveSync support has largely relegated Android to the enterprise sidelines since its commercial launch last year in the G1, and while third-party apps have attempted to come to the rescue, there's nothing quite like a little first-p ... continuer lire

The Upside Down Mac

uclnobz | 22.05.2009 02:03

One of the benefits of having an all-in-one computer is how easily it can be tucked into spaces without an excess of cords and clutter. Today's kitchen workspace demonstrates that quite effectively. Lifehacker reader Kurt emailed in a fantastic little k ... continuer lire

LEGO Micro-Scales Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwate

dijbeupv | 22.05.2009 00:55

LEGO Micro-Scales Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater House bpjicqudfrlyobdpcunbhimcdrjqpazjupboenlhbaoincjk blocking incoming calls iphone iphone a380i iphone contacts by company iphone skin for nokia 6270 metal case for iphone black ipho ... continuer lire

Western Digital enters SSD market via $65m Silicon

urbineat | 19.05.2009 12:35

Man, the consolidation efforts are really heating up. Just days after Cisco forked out a small fortune to acquire Pure Digital, HDD mainstay Western Digital has penned a check for $65 million in cold, hard cash in order to acquire SiliconSystems, Inc. S ... continuer lire

MCE's 8x internal Blu-ray burner for Mac Pros

elpzramnis | 18.05.2009 05:54

Here's some perspective: when MCE first released its internal Mac Pro Blu-ray burner, it boasted 2X speeds for a hefty $699 price tag. Cut to present day, when the new generation of the drive that's a noticeably faster 8X Blu-ray read / write and 16X DV ... continuer lire

French kiss

lanternebleue | 07.01.2009 14:53

Je voulais être comme tout le monde et cela passait par flirter avec un garçon. J'en ai eu l'occasion vers mes onze-douze ans lors d'un action ou vérité, à un camp de vacances. Il fallai ... continuer lire

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