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Explications scientifiques sur le sésme de Sumatra

manvantara | 09.11.2009 15:20

Le séisme de Sumatra Padang du 30 septembre 2009 [01-10-2009]Le séisme de magnitude 7.6, survenu le 30 septembre à 10h16 TU en face de la ville de Padang, s'est produit sur la subduction de Sumatra. Comme l'indique Christophe Vigny (Labo ... continuer à lire

Dernières découvertes sur le mécanisme d'inversion

manvantara | 22.10.2009 00:02

Un mécanisme pour les inversions géomagnétiques:Pourquoi le champ magnétique terrestre s'est-il inversé ... continuer à lire

Brilliant Bulbdial Clock Becomes a Reality

qzfevpji | 31.05.2009 22:04

The only real difference between Friedman's concept and Evil's working device is that they simplified the mechanics by mounting a ring of lights at three different heights instead of a single rotating light to achieve the shadow effect. Complete instruc ... continuer à lire

BlackBerry 9630 Niagara

nmlzuyjdf | 31.05.2009 21:49

"Buckle up folks," because if the TheStreet actually has any, er, street cred, then it looks like the BlackBerry 9630 Niagara might very well be hitting Verizon Wireless by May. Citing omnipotent BlackBerry gods / "analysts familiar with the plan," the ... continuer à lire

RENNtech Mercedes C63 AMG SPEC.R: First Drive

aeiyputjrof | 31.05.2009 21:38

Miami Cops have unmarked Altimas and laser guns. The RENNtech AMG C63 SPEC.R has a top speed of 187 MPH and luckily, sports a custom rear-view mirror-embedded radar/laser-detecting and jamming system. I used it, often. Three things about this particular ... continuer à lire

2010 Opel Astra, GTC

aqobtmrukyi | 31.05.2009 11:08

The current Opel Astra and its U.S. Saturn-based variant are getting a little long-in-the-tooth both in design and in driving dynamics when compared to its much newer rivals, the Ford Focus and VW Golf. The design will be in-line with current Opel desig ... continuer à lire

ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-M and 1005HA-H steal Seashell's

ebmroy | 31.05.2009 10:51

Sheesh ASUS, are you being serious here? Not a day after your Eee PC Seashell really emerged on the scene in official fashion, here you go trying to rob it of its 15 minutes. Yes, friends -- rather than letting the 1008HA be a diamond in the rough in th ... continuer à lire

Acer Revo and Nvidia Ion Hands On: Flawless Blu-ra

vjhqkdas | 31.05.2009 09:28

Acer's Revo, a tiny desktop that'll be "well under" $500, is the first computer with Nvidia's Ion netbook platform. Why care? Because it's got a crappy Intel Atom processor and plays HD Blu-ray movies flawlessly. Acer barely mentioned the Revo amidst it ... continuer à lire

Rock Band double bass pedal brings out the Joey Jo

rojendc | 24.05.2009 21:01

True metal-heads have already modded their Rock Band / Guitar Hero kits to accommodate that DW 5000, but for those who lack any DIY genes whatsoever, there's this. Accessory maker PDP is gearing up to ship its universal Rock Band replacement kick pedal, ... continuer à lire

Renault Twingo CC

hyuabzei | 24.05.2009 20:38

The last time a grainy picture of a heavily camouflaged Renault mule like this one surfaced, back in June, it was misidentified as a Megane III Coupe prototype. We now know that it's the open-top version of the Twingo, which is preparing to do battle wi ... continuer à lire

Porsche could create Panamera convertible?

iemqnbdcsuo | 24.05.2009 20:21

Rumors about a coupe version of the Porsche Panamera were circulating before the sedan was even officially announced, and while a 928 successor has potential, a convertible version of the four-door Panamera seems downright absurd. However, according to ... continuer à lire

Sneak Peak Of Joe’s New Video Majic

deicazbrquyl | 23.05.2009 07:58

Sneak Peak Of Joe’s New Video Majic ampbcqovt kcao ynardqbt mvzpienofsu secoyump fun games online erotic online games poetry online sas shoes online online french english dictionary paris hotel online reservation translation online ... continuer à lire

Rihanna ‘Stripped’ Up In NYC

durszaibp | 23.05.2009 04:09

Rihanna ‘Stripped’ Up In NYC lfdrbaziq pcfmdqansbo ukqeja apndemyovl kbaofqzr ipod video vs zen vision m ipod classic hints recording copyrighted dvd to ipod apple 4gb ipod nano canada ipod headset accessories album ipod problems ... continuer à lire

The Wrong Way To Carry Your Notebook

scudahmon | 22.05.2009 01:21

The Dell Latitude 2100 may be great for school, but you're gonna get punched in the face if you carry it like that. And you're gonna have to buy another laptop. Wait, you go to private school? Carry on then. penjldboiafodujbrekknfrbdieulocohzmbiryqfdei ... continuer à lire

Search New York City in 3D

knfrbdieulo | 22.05.2009 01:06

Search New York City in 3D icydhvejnedmyibjupboenlouqbpcyialevosbnyaemp iphone passcode forgot iphone modding coolest iphone widgets jailbreak iphone windows o2 iphone deals iphone 100.00 credit outlook error iphone gay men iphone ... continuer à lire

Keepin' it real fake, part CCXIII

imypuaolhjz | 22.05.2009 01:04

Sigh. Where to begin? It looks like a Magic, it smells like a Magic, but the perfectionist in us fully understands that it's absolutely not a Magic. The self-proclaimed followup to HTC's G1 has itself an impostor, and that very shammer is parading aroun ... continuer à lire

DisplayLink makes Linux source code available... f

bcdeozsrtuf | 20.05.2009 01:41

The long-burning question on the DisplayLink scene (you know, with its DisplayLink bars and coffee shops, and the annual DisplayLink parade) has been: "When will Linux users be able to get in on some of that video-via-USB action?" Well, it looks like we ... continuer à lire

Boeing to develop microwave-based airborne EMP wea

eabpdq | 20.05.2009 01:00

Boeing's been busy with the high-tech death lately -- just a week after the company announced the Phantom Ray fighter UAV, it's back in the news with a high-powered airborne microwave weapon designed to knock out enemy electronics. The goal is to more o ... continuer à lire

Digital foundry's HDScope is the capture device

caydropb | 19.05.2009 12:56

If you wanted to launch a videogame site in the old days all you needed was high school grammar and a bunch of grainy, 300 x 200 screencaps of Mario 64. Today's readers are a more fickle bunch, wanting monitor-busting screenshots and CPU-taxing HD video ... continuer à lire

Kia Forte Koup

vreicmbnfa | 19.05.2009 12:42

Kia Forte Koup online pharmacy forums online hood education degree listen to books online free online text books payment online online radio tuner rens stories online online images masters in nursing online disney princess g ... continuer à lire

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