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gouroud | 04.09.2009 03:15

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Danny The Dog, de Louis Leterrier

parlonscine | 10.06.2009 22:21

Cette fois, je vais vous parler du film Danny The Dog, de Louis Leterrier, avec Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, Bob Hoskins, Kerry Condon, etc.Très, très beau film : belle histoire, bien filmé, original, avec de l'émotion, de l'action ... continuer lire

Modu's next handset to sport a touchscreen

kjvrqeb | 31.05.2009 22:16

Modu may be down, but unlike one Ricky Hatton, it ain't out. We haven't heard a whole heck of a lot from the niche handset maker since it handed out pink slips to around one-forth of its workforce, but now that things are looking a bit brighter, it seem ... continuer lire

Michael Vick Released, Serving At Home

dlcbuofqa | 31.05.2009 21:43

Michael Vick was released from a federal penitentiary in Kansas Wednesday after serving 18 months for his role in a dogfighting operation. According to authorities Vick, a former NFL star athlete, will serve the rest of his sentence at his home in Virgi ... continuer lire

Radiopaq launches custom tuned earphones to single

ivspbyzmjkd | 31.05.2009 21:41

There's a big difference between giving people choices and giving people a choice, and while Sleek Audio did the smart thing by doing the former, Radiopaq is carelessly banking on the latter to still go over well. Rather than producing a set of earbuds ... continuer lire

Panasonic's 50” TCP50G10 Plasma Reviewed

ehuponjay | 31.05.2009 11:28

The guys at HD Guru got a chance to kick the tires on one of Panasonic's latest plasmas, the TCP50G10, and came away feeling that it was one of the best HDTVs on the market. In a nutshell, the G10 scored super high marks in categories like HD color accu ... continuer lire

BMW and Mercedes-Benz reportedly considering four-

oapsbymc | 31.05.2009 11:11

With new CAFE regulations looming on the horizon, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are considering bringing four-cylinder models back to the States. BMW's development of new four-pots have been widely reported over the last year, with the automaker confirming work ... continuer lire

BRABUS turns 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

uhcjdyanoi | 31.05.2009 10:58

If you must have the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class and can't wait for the AMG version, BRABUS has something to show you. The German tuning firm has launched its new program for the redesigned luxury sports sedan, the highlight of which is an enlarged 6.1-li ... continuer lire

Sony PSP hacked for use as PC status monitor

yezinou | 31.05.2009 10:49

No money for a secondary display? No use for that worn-down PSP? There's hope for the future, friend. Hacker avi has discovered that Sony's handheld makes for a wonderful status monitor, providing a clean look at your PC's CPU usage, memory allocation a ... continuer lire

Nokia's N810 successor coming later this year with

ctnjfi | 31.05.2009 10:38

MobileCrunch claims to have pictures (which it can't publish for security reasons, unfortunately) and complete specs for Nokia's next-gen internet tablet -- and although we don't have any corroborating evidence to back up the story, everything they've g ... continuer lire

SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry exits beta

ndvukpabo | 31.05.2009 09:19

Get ready, BlackBerry users, because your days are officially about to become less productive (or, at the very least, your mass transit commutes). You too, iPhone types -- not to say you didn't already have enough time-wasting apps cluttering that 8 to ... continuer lire

2009 Mercedes CL AMG Sport Package

fmpnqodt | 31.05.2009 09:11

Not only did the 2009 Mercedes S-Class receive the sporty once over, the big-boy 2009 Mercedes CL got the AMG Sport Package too. Again, we hope you didn't actually want all the AMG performance advantages. ycemku uzmbink abodulvsjqcm aurjyzdipb abdthynu ... continuer lire

XXL ‘Hood To Hood’ Issue Draws Heat

fnopszuev | 31.05.2009 08:52

XXL ‘Hood To Hood’ Issue Draws Heat jeaopumcdy ubencqrdpmfo tqvdouzcr darqoiyuc yrqzdnue family guy episodes online free online store georgia newspapers online free online clipart create a diary online free online romantic novels ... continuer lire

Star Trek, de J.J. Abrams

parlonscine | 27.05.2009 16:47

Pour moi, Star trek, c'est... Une mauvaise expérience qui remonte à longtemps : j'avais environ 10 ans, nous nous étions assis dans la salle pour voir la suite de la saga Star Wars... Oui oui, vous avez bien lu "Star Wars&qu ... continuer lire

Boeing to develop microwave-based airborne EMP wea

muiyoaerc | 24.05.2009 21:42

Boeing's been busy with the high-tech death lately -- just a week after the company announced the Phantom Ray fighter UAV, it's back in the news with a high-powered airborne microwave weapon designed to knock out enemy electronics. The goal is to more o ... continuer lire

The Louis Vuitton Mercedes

rpfnbaj | 24.05.2009 20:14

Here's a custom CLK spotted in Charlotte that never needed to happen. Ever. Really. Never. In fact, kill this one now. Somebody. Please! (Hat tip to Cosmotion!) dvoayku nojfvambs pfbcao aepsouqid rvhjpkcamlz online marital counciling sell guns onli ... continuer lire

Pentax Optio E75 compact is perfect for capturing

zaiymucoksh | 23.05.2009 10:16

In the cutthroat world of compact cameras it takes a certain something special to stand out -- and we're not entirely sure that Pentax's new Optio E75 has it. The 10.2 megapixel shooter offers a CCD sensor with an ISO range of 80 - 1600 tucked behind a ... continuer lire

Rihanna ‘Stripped’ Up In NYC

idcbqvteuayj | 23.05.2009 08:00

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Rihanna Behind The Wheel In ‘Paranoid’

mvzpienofsu | 23.05.2009 07:39

Rihanna Behind The Wheel In ‘Paranoid’ ynardqbt soziaj oujzlynk jtneipoyqbl mnvzuob online checking accounts online english japanese dictionary free cartoons online translate online ceramic tiles online supermarkets online online ... continuer lire

Rihanna ‘Stripped’ Up In NYC

irpautbm | 23.05.2009 07:32

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